Tofu or not tofu?

Ok, so you long-standing vegetarians will have to help me with this one. I made a tofu scramble which was basically like an egg scramble with lots of veggies, but tofu instead of eggs. I have to admit, the texture of the tofu was a bit hard for me to tolerate. We’ve used tofu before in a spinach artichoke dip and it tasted just fine. But maybe I needed to season the tofu more in the scramble. Thoughts, anyone? I’ve also heard that eating too much soy can be bad for you, since it contains estrogen.

So to sum it up, we’ll probably take a break from the tofu for a while. We’ve got some soups, pastas, wraps, and sandwiches on the menu that are all vegetarian. I’m excited for cooking all these delicious meals! Anyone have suggestions for recipe books for vegetarians? I really like “Mama Pea” who is a mom with a really great recipe blog and a cookbook. But I’m looking for other suggestions as well. Thanks and happy eating!

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