Good News!

As many of you may know, Thomas and I have had a tough year. He got offered a teaching job at the end of July last year, so we moved to Manhattan. His job was at the middle school in Junction City (Geary County School District). By the time we moved in August, it was too late for me to find a teaching job in the Geary County District, so I worked as a paraprofessional at a school on Fort Riley. Things were sounding promising this spring that I would find a job at one of the Geary County elementary schools for the fall. But the day before spring break, Thomas was given a letter of non-renewal. They asked him not to return next year, and they didn’t have to tell him why.
Thomas took this very well. He said he moped for about 5 minutes, and then he got on the Kansas Teaching jobs website, and started looking for a job. Over the past few months, we have both been looking, and getting discouraged. On May 10th, Thomas (after applying to about 15 districts and having two interviews) applied to the Hutchinson School District. That night we prayed. And I admit, before this time, we had not been praying too often about our job situation. On Sunday, May 13th, at 8:00 p.m. Thomas got a call from the Hutchinson Middle School principal. We found this strange that he would call so late on a Sunday, Mother’s Day no less. But I had a good feeling, so that night, I applied to the Hutchinson School District as well. Thomas hadn’t heard his phone, but he called back the next day and the principal was willing to allow Thomas to come in and interview the following Saturday. This way, Thomas wouldn’t miss any class time of his last week at his current school.
I got a call the very next day from an elementary school in Hutchinson, and they asked me to come in on Friday for an interview. And I had two other interviews on Thursday in the Geary County district. We still continued praying each night and asking others to pray as well. Our first choice, best case scenario, was that we both would get jobs in Hutchinson. But we thought it was a long shot. On Thursday, both of my interviews went well. And one of the schools actually called me on Thursday with an unofficial job offer. I was torn, but I still wanted to try for the Hutchinson job. So I just said that I was interested in the job, but couldn’t give a for sure answer. On Friday, I made the two-hour trek down to Hutch, and the interview went well, I thought. The school did not even know about Thomas or that he was also a teacher who was interviewing in the district. So I of course told them that it would be great if we both got a job in the district. On Saturday, Thomas and I went back to Hutchinson again and he got offered the job 15 minutes after he left the interview. He said “yes, but only if you hire my wife” 🙂 So his principal talked to my principal, and he let Thomas know that I should be expecting a call on Monday.
For two days, we waited and prayed. I worried myself sick. Then Monday (today) at approximately 10:00 a.m., I got the call and was offered a job to teach 1st or 3rd grade at McCandless Elementary. They are unsure of which grade I will be in, but I don’t really care. Thomas and I think this has to be a God thing, because we both got called in separately, the principals didn’t know that we each had a spouse looking for jobs. And the timing was just about perfect! Thank you again to all who have been praying for us during this difficult time. We have learned that prayer is powerful, and that God’s timing is perfect. I hope this story gives you all who are having a hard time or looking for jobs a little hope. Things will work out in God’s time. It may seem hopeless now, but have faith and keep praying! God knows your struggles, and He will bring you through them!!!

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