So it begins – Decluttering

I’ve always been an organizer. If I could do it professionally, I would. The problem is eventually I have become overrun with stuff and organizing isn’t fun anymore. It becomes overwhelming.

As a child, I was surrounded by clutter. It was normal for me. My house was overrun with toys, clothes, and general clutter. When I first moved out, I didn’t take much with me to my small apartment. I enjoyed being forced to be a minimalist simply because of lack of space. But for the past ten years since getting married, moving to bigger and bigger places, taking teaching jobs, having a baby, and opening a home daycare, I’ve accumulated too much stuff! Despite minor decluttering every couple of months, clutter still seems to be overtaking the house.

So I’m starting a 30-day challenge to declutter my life. I’m blogging about it so I have some accountability.  Here’s the challenge I joined:

The challenge begins May 1, but I may get a head start tomorrow. Join me if you want. It’s free! Happy decluttering!

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