Day 1 – Master Bathroom

So today I tackled decluttering the master bathroom. It makes complete sense to start your decluttering in the bathrooms because there’s no emotional attachment to the things stored there.

In less than 30 minutes, I tossed out half – used lotions, old makeup, random unnecessary toiletries, an extra hairbrush, and a few odds and ends.

This was probably the easiest space to declutter, but I’m looking forward to tackling the other bathrooms tomorrow and Wednesday!

Besides physical decluttering, it’s important to deal with virtual clutter, too. So over the weekend, I spent some time unsubscribing to all my junk e-mail. I went from receiving probably 30 e-mails a day to only about 5! It feels liberating!

Tip of the day: Only keep one of each item: one lotion, one shampoo, one conditioner, etc. This will streamline your routine!


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