Day 4 – Closets

Today, I began the closet decluttering. I took yesterday off because I had already finished all the bathrooms. I decided to devote my 30 minutes to the closet in the office first. I felt it was the middle ground: not too easy, not too difficult. I gathered a gallon Ziploc full of expired meds, random odds and ends, some books, and owner’s manuals for some things we no longer have. The rest of the office will still need to be worked on, but this was a great start.

Each time I declutter an area, I have a great sense of accomplishment and a little stress melts away. I look at the areas of the house I haven’t tackled yet and I’m already sorting through things in my head knowing I can pare down. I can’t wait until the whole house is complete! The goal for tomorrow is the linen closet and coat closet. Wish me luck!

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