Hello Fresh Review

Last weekend we tried the meal kit delivery service from Hello Fresh. Since we already tried Blue Apron, it’s only natural that I compared the two services as I evaluated Hello Fresh.  The meals we ordered were Meatless Spaghetti Bolognese, Greek Flatbread Pizzas, and Sweet Potato Curry (all vegetarian obviously).

Here’s my review:


  • Produce was very fresh
  • Recipes were simple and easy to follow
  • Meals were flavorful
  • Portions were generous


  • Ingredients were simple and easily bought at my local store
  • Recipes were not very unique and could easily be replicated with a little shopping and planning
  • Delivery arrived late in the day and ice pack was almost completely thawed (I know this could be UPS’s fault, but it was still frustrating)
  • Expensive for the types of simple ingredients in the meals


Blue Apron wins! In my opinion, Blue Apron was much better than Hello Fresh. The ingredients and recipes from Blue Apron are gourmet or fancy compared to the simple ones from Hello Fresh. When we cook on the weekends, we like trying new and exciting dishes, not the more boring simpler type we’ve been cooking during the week. Blue Apron has forced me to try ingredients and flavor combinations that I would otherwise avoid, like fresh mint on risotto (which was delicious)! Blue Apron uses FedEx and their package arrives by or before noon in our area. The ice packs are solid as rocks upon arrival.

Next weekend we’re attempting to make some gourmet meals ourselves and gather our own fancy ingredients from the store. The goal is to spend less than $60 on 3 gourmet meals for two people. I’m wanting to see if it’s worth it to purchase the ingredients myself rather than use a service. I’ll report back soon with an update! Happy cooking!

PS: I still have some free meal Blue Apron promo codes to give away if anyone wants one.

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